DJ Knobhead

Welcome to the DJ Knobhead web site

Welcome to the new web site. Everything that was here is still here but looks a lot better now. You can now sign up for the email list right from the site. Just click on the Email link and you’ll see what to do.

Saturday's at Ulana's - Shadowland

WOW – It’s been a year at Shadowland already! It’s a weekly Saturday night party at Ulana’s on 2nd & Bainbridge. It is a 21+ event. My friends, Jimi & Fred are promoting the night together. I think this night is great! On this night, I spin more of a Goth/ Rock theme. You’ll still hear your favorites. But you’ll hear more Cruxshadows, Sisters of Mercy, Rob Zombie, Rammstein, Manson, Bauhaus, Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, Cure, Type O Negative etc.
Check out the the “playlist” section for a better idea.

Knob's Gigs at The Trocadero

This is pretty exciting for me. I’ve been doing gigs at the Troc (off & on) since November 2004. The Troc is located 10th & Arch streets in Philly. The first show I did was The Fixx in November, 2004. Next was Jim Breuer (Nov 2004) and the WMMR Mistletoe Jam (Dec 2004).
Then I spun at The Psychedelic Furs show in April, 2005. (I love the Furs!!!). And I also worked the Meat Beat Manifesto show in June 2005.

Whatever genre the band is…that’s what I’ll be playing. I’ll be there to keep the energy level up (before, inbetween bands, and after). If it’s a metal show I’ll be doing metal, a punk show – I’ll play punk.

I’ll be sure to do updated e-mails once the Troc decides what shows they want me to play. Come see me at The Troc!