DJ Knobhead

Do you have a "real" job, or do you just DJ?

I wish I just DJ’d. I do have a real job. I’m a manager at Sun East Federal Credit Union in Aston, PA. I’ve been there almost 2 years. It’s a great job and I’m lucky to have it. So basically, I’m a banker during the day and a DJ at night.

What happened to Dead Fred's?

The owners / managers there were so disorganized. Once they fixed the air conditioner, and re-did the upstairs, I thought we were in really good shape. It turns out that they weren’t paying their rent so the landlord came and shut it down. Oh well. Another poorly-run club closes down…

What music do you listen to, when you're not at the clubs?

Whenever I get new “club stuff”, that is a priority, and that’s what I’m listenening to. Other than that, I mix it up pretty good. Right now I’m listening to the She Wants Revenge cd (that is the album of the year – so far). I always keep the two Electric Six cds in my car. I love those guys. And my new car has XM Radio in it, so I’ve been listening to the punk & alternative stations a lot lately too.

Why don't you ever come down on the floor and dance?

Believe me – You don’t wanna see that. I can’t dance. It’s a good thing that you can’t see my legs and feet from the dancefloor, or you wouldn’t ask that question. I can bop my head, jump up and down, throw my arms around a bit, but that’s all.
I ran down the spiral staircase, at the old Bank, years ago to get into the pit. I was tired from running by the time I got there. I got in and almost got killed by the big guys. I probably would have gotten killed, but I think they saw the jersey and knew it was me. Anyway, that was the last time I went near the floor.

Where else do you spin besides Nocturne?

I do Saturday nights at Ulana’s. And I do guest spots here and there also – when they pop up.

What's up with the jerseys?

I’ve always been a big sports fan. Hockey is my favorite. I’ve always just loved the look and colors of the jerseys. I like how all the numbers, patches & names are all individually stitched on. I wear one every day. If you see me out somewhere…I’ll be wearing a jersey.

How many hockey jerseys do you have?

About 360 I think. That’s all my jerseys. I have a few baseball, football, basketball, rugby & lacrosse, but most of them are hockey jerseys.

Why are you so cute?

Thanks for thinking that. That’s your opinion, not mine. I’m just a happy guy.