DJ Knobhead


Wee KnobReal Name: Timothy Edward Ryan

I’ve been DJing since 1986. I started DJing on my college radio station WDNR at Widener University.

How I got the nickname “Knobhead”: My friend Chaz used to manage a record store where I bought most of my music. He said he would come up with a DJ name for me. As he was on the phone with an English record rep, the English dude put the
phone aside for a second to yell at someone in his office.

The English guy yelled, “Don’t put it over there you fucking knobhead!” Chaz said, “That’s it, DJ Knobhead!” I don’t like the “DJ” part. I don’t use the “DJ” part. I’m just a fan of the music so just Knobhead is fine. By the way, in England, Knobhead means “Dickhead.” Oh well. It’s funny. I like it. It constantly reminds me not to take things too seriously.

I love to DJ. All I want is to make everyone feel welcome and have a good time. I play mostly requests as I work new stuff into the sets. I try not to be too repetitive with the music (playing the same songs in the same order every week). I realize some songs pop up every week, and that I do the Pit and Goth sets around the same time every week. My goal is to make everyone happy and not let the music get stale. I never like to have an empty dance floor, but that happens when you play something obscure or try to break in new music. It happens.

That’s the thing I love the most about the Gothic/Industrial crowd,
the requests keep changing and that they’re more open to listening and dancing to new stuff than any other crowd I’ve DJ’d for. I hope I can always DJ for this crowd.